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The Magic Cylinder Anamorphic Illusion in the Dysart Iowa City Park has Begun

The City Park in Dysart, Iowa now has the beginning of the foundation for the Magic Cylinder Anamorphic Illusion. Bill Wilson and Kevin Lassen prepared the ground, set the form and laid the gravel in preparation for the concrete being poured this coming week. Thanks guys!

In April, Vision Dysart prepared a proposal for a grant from the Iowa Arts Council, a division of the Department of Cultural Affairs. On July 1st it was announced that our application was successful and we were awarded $2800, matched by a $1000 Dysart Development Corporation grant and $400 from the Dysart Community Foundation.

Rowan Equipment and Fabrication is creating the cylinder that will be placed in the center. A special Benjamin Moore epoxy paint from CNC Lumber will be used to paint the imagery on the concrete when it has cured.

Stay tuned to watch the progress of the Magic Cylinder Anamorphic Illusion.

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